Casting call: Audible project

Paid voice work

Good people,

Congrats on getting this far. Please keep it up - the world is a better place for your being in it.

The Queer Podcasters’ Network is on a hiatus at the moment, due to *waves hand vaguely*, but there’s still stuff happening, such as this project headed up by Leo Schick:

We are looking for people with home recording set-ups to do voice over reads. The characters are working-class Londoners from the 1730s (or thereabouts) - among others. The characters are not necessarily LGBTQI+ but in keeping with the spirit of the series, it would be great to commission people who identify as such to voice these parts. 

It's for three episodes of an eight-part audio series. We are looking to record this week or early next week.

Voice over artists must have a home set up as all recordings are remote. Projected fee for a read is around £150 for around under an hour of recording and script reading.

For one episode, we are looking for 4 actors to play two men and two women. These actors need to be versatile as each person will be reading multiple parts. All of those characters are Londoners from the 1730s, some with working-class voices, no particular age is specified.

One episode has two lines by an American writer who was a Black civil rights activist, born in Texas, then a New Yorker. The work cited was written around 1920.

One episode has a large part: a blues singer in her 40s who was gender non-conforming for much of her life but not at the moment of reading. Born in Philadelphia, then living in New York, then the west coast. She would need to be able to do a relatively deep voice. 

If that sounds like something you, or someone you know, would like to be involved in, please do get in touch with Leo directly on

That’s all for now. If you’d like to help with the future of QPN please also get in touch, as I am very much open to suggestions, assistance, or large bags of unmarked banknotes.

Your friend and admirer,

Scott x