Mistake 1: Thinking. Also, not thinking.

It's complicated.

Hello all, and thanks to the lovely people who came along to our Mistakes session last week. As promised, here’s the first thing we learned when it comes to making a podcast:

Don’t over-think it.

But don’t under-think it, either.

Think it just the right amount.

We went back and forth on this for a while - some people wishing they’d taken the plunge sooner, rather than hesitating, procrastinating, and generally faffing about.

Others, however, talked about how they wish they’d thought about it a bit more, because earlier episodes of their series could really have done with some more thinking and development before being inflicted on an audience.

Turns out this podcasting lark isn’t as easy as it looks. (WHO KNEW?)

What we could agree on: Switching on a mic without having a solid plan isn’t a great idea, as you’ll spout rubbish, errr and ummm and generally sound a bit daft. BUT ALSO that you won’t work some stuff out until you’ve had a bash at it, so forever rethinking, polishing, rehashing etc. is also not great, as you can do that forever and never actually release an episode.


Make sure you know where you’re going with each episode, and your show as a whole. With that in mind, hash out a few details, get the overall shape of what you’re aiming for nice and firm in your (and any co-hosts’) head(s, so you’re all on the same page).

THEN take the plunge, get in front of a mic and give it a go.

As with podcasts, so with swimming: You won’t learn anything without jumping in, but you should probably have a fairly solid idea about what to do before you hit the water, otherwise you’re going to struggle.

We've more mistakes-cum-lessons to share over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Next Meetup: How to conduct a good interview, Monday Feb 17th, 6.30pm

A change in format and venue for the next free meetup: Andy Wasley, freelance video journalist and former senior military comms strategist, will be leading a workshop on how to give a good interview, in a proper meeting room type place. Then we’ll pop over the road to a queer pub for drinks from about 7.45.

We’re just waiting for final confirmation on the space before we share venue details with you - please keep the date free, as that won’t change.

Big queer kisses!