Queer Podcasters' Network has a podcast!

Because of course it does.

But don’t worry - It is specifically designed to be short, sexy and easily digestible.

In fact, they’re mostly only about 1 minute long. Quick-and-dirty podcasting tips, delivered in one minute or less every Wednesday.

(We’ll also be offering edited highlights of any live events we hold, so those who can’t make it can still get the benefit. Look out for Andy Wasley’s excellent workshop on becoming a better interviewer in a few weeks’ time.)

The first QPN Short is already available, and you can find it here or by searching “QPN pod” in your podcatcher of choice. (Except Spotify, because that costs extra, apparently.)

Or, for those who worship the Old Gods and want an unvarnished RSS feed, knock yourself out with this.

If you’ve got a podcasting pro tip that you can fit into a minute or less, record it, email it to us and we’ll add it to the feed.

Stay safe, wash your hands and wear a mother-loving mask.

Big love,